About Us

„Varna Crematorium“ is operated/maintained and managed by the „Crematorium Invest“ OOD Company and was constructed with the cooperation of Cemetery Park „West“ – Topoli Village. The terrain’s territory amounts to approximately 8,5 decares, with a building facility situated thereupon with constructed floor space of 1200 sq.m., with the remaining area formed into a beautiful urn park, where part of the urn walls are shaped as knolls. The building facility is comprised of an administrative section, modern hall for holding funeral ceremonies with multimedia, presentation hall, with all required conveniences, large refrigeration facility and spacious two level operating facilities, housing the cremation equipment. The crematorium furnace is the latest storey type development with perfected technology of the largest certified manufacturer of crematoriums in Europe – IFZW. The technology we operate guarantees 100% that the urn contains only and solely the bone ashes of the deceased. The cremation is certified and conforms to the European norm requirements for harmful emissions. The workers of „Varna Crematorium” are educated/trained, professionally qualified and motivated young persons.

Since the measure for a civilized society is reflected by its attitude towards the dead, we are proud with the project implemented on our part, which we hope shall provide our humble contribution for the development of the European civil society. With the construction of „Varna Crematorium” we assumed social responsibility towards the citizens, knowing this activity demands a high level of responsibility and professionalism on our part.